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Ibanez Iceman Ebay

Perhaps, Daron Malakian (System of a Down) is today’s prolific Iceman player but he certainly wasn’t the first to embrace this psychedelic but commanding guitar. Others before him included Steve Miller, KISS’ Paul Stanley & White Zombie’s J. Yuenger, among others. This guitar is a direct competitor to a certain dual humbucking, set necked, single cutaway model by Gibson in the ‘70s but the manufacturer had given it a radical outline to appeal to others who would like to move away from the boring silhouette of the aforementioned Gibson.

The Iceman of 2005 is still the bound mahogany guitar which took centre stage more than three decades ago, which is good news, really. If this is your first bout with it, be informed that it’s a departure from the skinny necked, hyper shred profile of its over-popularized cousin, the RG.

This is another testimony of a great Korean build, a well put together set neck unit no dissent whatsoever in this department. However, the body binding is the criminal here, uneven application was evident all round, only the neck/ headstock binding had a certain level of reputation enough to preserve the integrity of the cosmetics. There were also unsightly, black stains on the binding at the nut area of this guitar, a tell-tale sign of a post-production carelessness.