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Ibanez Iceman Dating

Built November 1977 The real deal! In the world of guitars the term “classic” usually ment  American made instruments. Very few imported guitars attained that status especially back in the seventies. When Ibanez came out with the Iceman series they were a tremendous hit. I remember seeing them advertised in Guitar Player magazine and as it turned out magazine ads were the only place I would see them because every music store in town that ordered Icemans sold out of them fast.This is an original 70’s Iceman.It’s become extremely difficult to find these. This one is a nice sunburst with multiple binding on the body and headstock.The fingerboard has single-ply binding.All the hardware is original except the output jack washer which was replaced with a chrome one.The pots (2 volume &2 tone controls) are original including the clear rubber case protectors around each pot.Three knobs are original, the fourth is a replacement.The pickups are original Ibanez with the unique “logo” stamped on top.This guitar has been played and shows signs of wear. There are scratches and dents on the front and back. A finish/stress crack on the heel of the neck appears solid with no movement. There’s minor wear on the “jumbo” frets but they still have alot of life left in them.(a basic fret dress will make them look and feel like new). The binding on the fingerboard still have the”nibs” at each fret end! This is an honest players guitar that still plays great and has that very loud “rock” sound (pickups sound awesome!). Perfect stage or collector guitar! It even has the ORIGINAL Ibanez hardshell case with the GREEN VELVET inside! Please visit the link below for more info.This Ibanez Iceman does rule!…FREE SHIPPING!!…GOOD LUCK!!!