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Ibanez Iceman Custom

Features: 22 fret guitar with 3 way selector, 2 high output humbucking pick-ups
(H/H). color: black. body style : Ice Man like Daron has on system of a down, just different color and no graphics.

Sound: Its great for pretty much any music style, except acoustic. I use a 30 watt crate and a 100 watt rogue amplifier with my guitar. Great sound for metal/rock, even on a clean channel the thing sounds beautiful, I like the syle, the playibility-everything, no dislikes here.

Action, Fit & Finish: I think the factory set the guitar up well, the action is great. Pick-ups are great, I couldn’t find any flaws with my Iceman.

Reliability & Durability: I definetly think the guitar could withstand live playing, I believe the hardware will last me a long time, I think I could maybe use it on a gig without a backup guitar. It’s definetly a guitar you can depend on.

Impression: I play both metal and rock, I’ve been playing guitar for about 3 years now. I have a lot of different gear that I use with my guitar. If I had to, I’d buy another Iceman just like the one I have now, the only thing I wish the guitar had was 24 frets, but im not that picky, so I just went with 22 frets