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Ibanez Iceman CX120

Ibanez Iceman CX120 Electric Guitar reviews. Find Solid Body Electric Guitar reviews at Buzzillions including 10 reviews of Ibanez Iceman CX120 Electric ..

“accually just so u guys know i play the original hollow bodied ic-81, cm, and ic-500, dm, k-7, gibson lp and flying v personaly i like his dm and ic’s the most but I play the ic 81 at ozfest but the one dude was right i play the cm’s allot like my vented gold custom bucker one ive accually played that one at more shows then any 1 cause its the best sounding and the kewlest looking out of my solids but i LOVE the sound of the original j-7s the one thing i dont like is the width thats a bitch to jump around with u no i used that and the lp on both cds but shavo odajian plays a cx not to mention his basses the super 7 and the 4 string gibson thing that looks like a goth purple gibson sg but he has ben playing the cx allot. my fav thing to do with it is put heavy ernie balls on there and a month later use the thin crap the super slims mostly. The iceman is an awsome looking awsome sounding long lasting guitar i lov them ive had one problem with them out of 15 years of owning them and one of my wires swung loose when i was in sweden it was between the bottom bucker and the controls so i through it out to the croud and danced the rest of the show but thats got nothing to do with the iceman so il shut up now ~daron