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Ibanez Iceman ADX120


It’s loaded with powerful new VK humbuckers that provide full lows and enhanced highs for metal and heavier rock styles.

It is a 2007, Japaneese made I’m pretty sure. It has 22 medium sized frets. Normal sized scale 24 3/4 inch scale. I don’t kno the type of wood because it is completely painted black all over the guitar (even the neck) and it has a really nice body and neck binding. It is a gloss black finish really really nice feel and easy to maintain. It has a string through body bridge. It is an Ibanez Iceman style body really sick looking guitar. I am pretty sure it has passive electronics really nice tone in the pick-ups (V-tone). It has a single volume and a tone knob and a les paul style pick-upn swich with 3 different options (neck pickup, bridge pickup, or both). The tuners are non-locking Standard tuners (not sure of the brand). With the guitar I got Brand New Zakk Wylde Signature GHS strings.010-.060 really awesome strings perfect for the Drop C# I play in (they had to file down the nut to fit these heavy duty Heavy bottom skininy top strings). I bought a Levi checkered strap with it and another set of Zakk Wylde Signature GHS strings.