Ibanez Iceman IC300

Hey there, i’m selling my Ibanez iceman IC300 . Purely because I have found the guitar I want and need to sell it quickly!

It’s in reallly good shape to be honest and plays brilliantly. I’ve added a seymour duncan sh-6 distortion pick up in the bridge to give it a bit more kick. The iceman itself has always had a great clean sound but the distortion was a bit weak, this has really given it some edge.

Ibanez Iceman IC400

Well I am relisting this now, but this time I am looking for a cash offer, unless you have a strat with a maple fretboard and either s1 pickup switching, the active mid boost control, or the gilmour pickup set…unless its crazy nice. So, on to the details.
Ibanez IC400
Mahognay Body
3 piece maple neck
Set neck
22 medium frets
Bound body, fingerboard, and headstock

Grover Tuners
Gibson Burstbuckers Pickups and electronics
Professional Setup done a few months ago

Have a brand new still tagged black/red coffin case
Stock tuners and pickups

I picked up this guitar for a new les paul type direction and realized that I am still interested in going towards the strat direction instead. I am interested in cool features like the s1 pickup switching option and the active mid boost. I prefer a maple fingerboard…blah blah.

Anyways, this thing is minty with the only problems I can see being very very slight swirl marks just like any other guitar thats been used at least once, that appear when you move it back and forth in the light. To start things out Im going to have to say:

Paypalled, shipped, case and extras included. $600 OBO

All I can do for now is cell phone pictures. If you want specific pictures let me know. Also, I can get much better pictures when I go home for Thanksgiving break and have access to a digital camera. Thanks guys.

Ibanez Iceman

The Iceman is an Ibanez guitar produced by Hoshino Gakki. Hoshino Gakki exported copies of American electric and acoustic guitars in the 1950s, and by the mid 1970s the Ibanez guitars had reached a level of quality comparable to American guitars. Lower labor rates at the time, plus efficient manufacturing meant that Ibanez guitars could be sold for almost half (or less) of the cost of a Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster.
In the mid 1970s Hoshino Gakki wanted to make a distinctly Japanese guitar and to start breaking away from the Ibanez replicas of Fender and Gibson models. The idea was to build a guitar with an appealing original design, like a Les Paul or Stratocaster. A meeting between Hoshino (Ibanez), Kanda Shokai (Greco) and one of the main guitar factories in Japan (FujiGen) resulted in the Iceman/Mirage design. Each distribution company had distribution rights to it in different global markets. Hoshino Gakki (Ibanez) had the rights outside of Japan and Kanda Shokai (Greco) had the rights for Japan.
The Ibanez model was originally named the Artist 2663. The name “Iceman” came later. The Greco model was named the Mirage and they are basically the same except for the pickup types that were used. Super 2000, Triple Coil and V2 pickups were used for the Ibanez Iceman, depending on the model number. Greco Dry and DiMarzio Super II pickups were used for the Greco Mirage. Body wood, pickups and neck joint construction varied with the Iceman/Mirage model price. The original Ibanez Artist/Iceman production was from 1975 to 1982/1983 with different models having set neck and bolt-on necks.
Early models were called Ibanez Artist 2663 models and were changed to the Ibanez Iceman name in 1978. The Ibanez Iceman II that was released in 1982/1983 had a different headstock with 6 in line tuners instead of the 3 a side tuners the original Ibanez Iceman had.

Ibanez Iceman 700


The Ibanez Iceman ICT700 represents the first production neck-thru version of the Iceman offered by Ibanez. The Iceman has always been a great design, with it’s aggressive body style and killer tone, but the Iceman ICT700 takes a great guitar even further! This model includes a reverse headstock design, 5-piece Wizard II neck-thru for incredible tone and sustain, DiMarzio D Activator neck and bridge pickups, stoptail bridge with string-through body design, and jumbo frets. There’s not a guitar out there that’s cooler than the Iceman ICT700!

Ibanez Iceman Bass Guitar

Yes, it’s been a long time. But it was worth the wait. Because the Iceman bass is back. And it’s better than ever before. The baddest bass on earth makes a statement in looks and then it backs it up with muscular mahogany tone.


Traditional passive electronics for pure, straight, fat sound.

Thick neck and massive mahogany body deliver absolutely huge tones.

B10 bridge with die-cast saddles provides maximum string-to-body vibration transfer.

Gold hardware, large pearloid inlays and late ’70s-style knob indicators augment the incomparable Iceman vibe.