Ibanez Iceman Copy


  • Hondo II Iceman copy guitar
  • 22 frets
  • Bolt on Neck
  • Serial Number: HD940BS (built in Japan between 1978 and 1979 probably by Matsumoku not only for Hondo but other brands like Odesa in that time)
  • Two Humbucker Pick Ups DiMarzio
  • Plywood Body  (mahogany and maple layers )
  • Mahogany Neck ( Rectangulas Nacar Inlays)
  • Binding around body and neck
  • Two Tones, Two Volumes , 3 way Toggle Selector
  • Cheap Hardware: Tone O matic bridge, Gibson Les paul style and some crappy machine tuners but with kind performance
Action, Fit, & Finish:

Just some  scratches and dingers, and I had the nut and pots replace to.

Sound Quality:

By some replacings ( pots and  machine tuners),  I got a great sound, warm and with quite nice sustain that fits good from the Blues to the Metal , I sucessly use to use as rhymth guitar in heavy metal recordings and main guitar in small shows. In my opinion this guitar offers a sound quality that can only be overcome by a top guitar of its kind ( eg Gibson,Ibanez) .


It really is a decent guitar, very playable with nice look, It have working to me for almost 3 years, is not my main guitar but is a quite nice second guitar.

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