Ibanez Iceman Australia

This guitar was built in 2004 and bought new by me. Excellent for rock and metal and also does a passable job of other genres. It has been well played but has been largely unused for four or five years now. Is very reliable and has required no repairs over the years. Only work I’ve ever done on it is small action and truss rod adjustments, both of which are very easy on this guitar. There is a small amount of rust on the top of the pickups and a little fret wear, which may need attention after a few more years of playing. Apart from that is in excellent condition. To prepare for the sale I gave it a clean, oiled the fretboard and put on fresh .010 to .46 strings.

If you have other questions or want something photographed closer let me know. Also I am currently at Port Pirie so if you want to look at the guitar there may be a delay.

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