Ibanez Iceman Hinta

It’s always a plus for guitarists when they can own a guitar with a storied history for an affordable price. There’ll always be “knock offs” that have the look but don’t bring the performance of the original. Often, the original model carries a weighty price tag with it’s distinctiveness.

The great thing about the Ibanez Iceman Hinta¬†electric guitar is that it’s the one and only Iceman. It’s the only guitar ever made in its unique body design and features quality components for a vibrant sound. Ever since Paul Stanley of KISS brought notoriety to the Iceman in the 1970s, it’s enjoyed something of a cult status.

This fame aside, the Iceman would stand out in any throng of 6-strings irregardless. The mahogany wing body is cut in a truly one-of-a-kind manner and will stand out on stage. A 5 piece Wizard II Maple / Walnut neck-thru sports jumbo frets and promises massive sustain and playing comfort. The Iceman is distinguished further with its massive milled brass Gibraltar bridge and DiMarzio D Activator pickups.This guitar rips with just as much emphasis as it adds to any player slinging one over their shoulder.

The Iceman guitars were renowned in the days of their youth as tone “giants.” They emitted a glowing tone that seemed out of place for such a lean body. While they don’t sport the triple-coil pickups they once did, they haven’t abandoned the quest for big tone. The DiMarzio Activator’s are not “warm” per se, but have a consistency of dynamics that make it easier for players to adapt sounds. Much like it’s Ibanez sibling the Destroyer, the Iceman features a progressively slimming rosewood neck that makes it a little more forgiving.

It’s so much easier to remain a classic when a particular model of guitar is not replicated to any real extent. The Iceman has been identified as an Ibanez exclusive for decades. In truth, it’s a visually unique axe that continues to appeal to intermediate-range buyers that want something extraordinary.

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