Ibanez Iceman Flying Fingers

Here we have a vintage Ibanez Iceman in yellow from 1978 Serial on back plate indicates Made In Japan K781201 Has the famous Ibanez Iceman Flying Fingers  bumble bee pickups and original Ibanez tuning keys. I replaced  the lower bridge saddle w a gold one that is not all rusted out.I might have the old one lying around. It has a binding all the way around front that has a black stripe. There are a few imperfections or chips in paint on front and buckle rash of course on rear barely noticeable in pics and can email more pics if needed. I removed the stickers that were on there so am not hiding anything, Action is low and solid but a little scratchy tone pots that have Les Paul top hat type knobs. I`ve installed strap locks for piece of mind and more strategically placed for balance but still has original strap pegs. Also has flip type locking nut. Shes a looker and a player just could use a little attention to the details that i cant afford right now. Not too many of these left anymore.  Ships in original case w insurance and delivery confirmation. Free shipping w buy it now. Email for more pics or make me an offer.

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