Ibanez Iceman Floyd


Up for grabs is a completely over hauled Ibanez IC 350. Custom paint job is NOT pro but looks great– shows the binding and is properly sealed. The rear of the guitar is a little scuffed up from the sealer not curing completely before it was set down in it’s case. Easily wet sanded and/or buffed out but does NOT effect playing at all. Neck is original- 22 frets in great shape, lots of life left in them. Hot rodded with top notch NEW equipment:  Dimarzio Evo2 bridge pup and Breed neck pup. CTR 3 way switch and input jack, Floyd Rose Pro trem and Schaller 6 in-line tuners and strop locks. Comes with ohsc and trem bar.  All sales final.  No returns! Please ask questions!! More photos available. Payment due within 24 hours.

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