Ibanez Iceman Destroyer


This is a one time listing for a rare 1 production run Ibanez ADD120, the body style is the best of destroyer & icman series rolled into one. This is an awsome creation from Ibanez that will be a gem in anyones collection. Solid neck-thru sustain, recesed volume and tone, hard mounted pickups, custom V fret inlay and all solid hard wood construction, this one has a lot of style! I have never owned a guitar like this before, I would put it up against any prestige model any day!!!! I would hold on to this guitar forever but I need  a new computer for school ASAP!  my reserve $ 500.00 if the reserve does not get reached I will not sell it because it is worth so much both monitary and from a collecter standpoint. And not to sound immature but this axe is BAD A$$!!!!!!!

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