Ibanez Iceman Daron Malakian Signature


You are looking at a used Ibanez DMM1 Daron Malakian signature guitar. There are 22 medium-sized frets, and the fretboard is rosewood.

It has been mine for a little under a year, and I bought it second hand from another Ebay seller. I have never gigged with this guitar; I am only a bedroom guitarist.
There are two small damages: a nick in the headstock (2nd photo) and a nick in the wood of the back (3rd photo). Otherwise, it is in great condition.
The guitar has been professionally set up (fret dressing and intonation, over $100)
by Pace Guitar Repair. So, the fretboard is in almost perfect

Pickups have been upgraded to Seymour Duncan SH-6s (SH-6N for neck, SH-6B for bridge). These are the same pickups that Daron Malakian used in his custom Icemans during the 2002 tour. If you don’t believe me, watch the Toxicity intro from Big Day Out 2002, and it will zoom in to his guitar. Other hardware are original.

I will include an Ibanez hardshell case. Inside the case is a guitar strap that I never use. **Two of the three hinges of the case are missing 2 screws each (4 missing screws total).

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