Ibanez Iceman Cost


The new Ibanez Iceman ICT700 is the first ever production Iceman guitar with neck-thru construction! The new ICT700 has all the Iceman qualities: 5 piece Wizard II thru-neck construction, mahogany body, jumbo frets, Gibraltar custom bridge, DiMarzio D Activator pickups, and a new reverse headstock.

It’s cold. It’s wicked. The very name Iceman oozes Rock and Roll, and the new Ibanez Iceman ICT400 rocks hard with sweet sustain and heavy tone. It says power chord and high energy.

Some guitars look rock and roll and some sound rock and roll, but the Iceman does both. Most famous classic guitars were designed for other kinds of music before they were adopted by rockers. But the Iceman was born to rock. Its shape is so radical you could never miss it, no matter how big the stadium.

For the heavy rocker who wants a guitar that’s hotter than you know where, nothing beats the legendary Ibanez Iceman ICT700. When the energy of the moment carries you away, you need a guitar that won’t let you down – the Iceman! In looks or in sound, there’s no mistaking the Iceman – it is a true monster of rock!

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